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ABOUT KH Foundation

KH Foundation began working in Nigeria

KH began working in Nigeria in April 2019, in response to the crisis in some part of Lagos in Nigeria. KH foundation international developed innovative education, provide health care, support and encourage the sick, care for the needy and less privileged, develop and empower the youth, women for productive, provide platform and opportunities for poverty alleviation and environmental programs across most regions of the country.


A career at KH FOUNDATION is truly a one‐of‐a‐kind experience. It's more than working for a global leader, it's an opportunity to be a part of something that can help bring about lasting change in the world. We're looking for experienced professionals who not only align with our values, but also want to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive innovative ideas and deliver results.

KH FOUNDATION is one of the world's leading international humanitarian agencies working to help people achieve social and economic well being while being among the best in their fields. Our global presence and commitment to ending poverty make KH FOUNDATION an exciting and rewarding place to work. KH FOUNDATION's worldwide team uniquely apply their skill, knowledge and dedication to empower people in developing countries to bring lasting change to their own communities.


My name is Pastor Clifford Umeh, Before now, I used to view the pangs of death with trepidation. I saw death as a deadly and fearful assassin wielding its barrels while harassing the defenseless, the innocent, the good, bad and the ugly. My life has always being filled with hopes and dreams, never quitting, very bold that a better tomorrow and a better future awaits me and above all always looking for a way out of every situation believing that without work faith is dead.

If I have the opportunity, praying to God, to give me the boldness to look at death in the face and also played the game of life with death itself, coursing death to sign an agreement with me as I embarked on this journey of Enigma and unknown. My kith and kin said, it was too risky if I ever venture on such, I will be disowned but Christ told me that the greatest gift of all is love. I have lived a quiet and philanthropic life owing to the needy all I had, both in cash and in kind, until I went to a church program and some group of pastors and prayer warriors were asked to pray for a man called Mr. Azubuike who was dying from renal and kidney failure. Mr Azubuike was in so much pains that it got to a point that I have to interrupt the group asking if this man  cannot get healing, who among us would love to donate his kidney for this dying man? Total silence gripped the church, they in turn looked at me and asked "would you?" I replied thus: telling them if the Doctor confirm me feet for the surgery of the kidney transplant, I will gladly give Mr

Azubuike at no cost. The stranger looked at me with amusement trying to mutter some words which weren’t coming out, saying why would you save a stranger like me? I said to him, you are not a stranger, we are one cause and we are both created by the Almighty God and he loves us both and that is the love I am trying to share, so that you Mr Azubuike can have a second chance. I went further telling Mr Azubuike saying I have two kidneys and you have none functioning, permit me to give one for love while one remains mine.

Other pastors around mimicked me saying One for love and one for you? Yes I responded in affirmation of my wish, yes I said it again saying if only the doctors can certify me healthy for the transplant. Suddenly I saw beam of hope in the face of Mr Azubuike, later I saw smike, and a smike turned into a smile, through his feeling, and he felt good that he can challenge the assassin called Death.

In his excited euphoria, he managed to whisper some words saying that he cannot afford the tests for me. I mean the preliminary test to be undergone in order to initiate a successful surgery.

I Clifford Umeh told him all will be well, after much turbulent, raising of funds, gently we carried out the preliminary tests, no aid or help from any quarter, not to worry with determination and knowing that such things are primal to my calling, we overcame.

Finally, a date was fixed which was on 2nd December 2014 at the LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL (LUTH) Idiaraba, Lagos Nigeria. I went into surgery, with the help of the Almighty God, and the surgery was successful. Above all, I was happy that death itself kept his bargain and we were all happy.

These joy and happiness were short-lived immediately we returned to sad reality that drugs to be used to maintain a balance in the body system are very expensive and most Hospitals in the country lack these drugs thus making the drugs very expensive. I gave all I had, Azubuike sold all he had expecting a beam of hope from anywhere, anyhow or somehow, but it never came along.

One faithful day, I received a call from Mr Azubuike, telling me "it is all over" and I rushed to meet him, his health was deteriorating as help was not coming from anywhere. I found out that hopes and dreams may never come except there is reality and means.

Finally, the Assassin called Death struck, broke all agreements and took the life of Azubuike. I wept and found out that it was not enough to donate a kidney, need or otherwise but the continuity makes life better hence my zeal for an NGO called Kingdom Helpers Foundation International.

The birth of Kingdom Helpers Foundation is born. A Foundation that receives cries and woes of the people combined with yelling’s, sufferings and pains but could not do much.

I Pastor Clifford Umeh is alive, trying to do the best he can, but it is not enough. In order to fulfill my vision I solicit supports from the Federal Government, States and Local Governments, also Corporate Organizations and Individuals, so to enable this move of helping humanity come true.


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